Applying teaching skills to business

I’ve really been happy to see how much my teaching skills have transferred to a business context. Employees are in some ways a lot like students. You need to teach them certain skills, motivate them to practice the things you teach them, and ideally, help them learn to be self-sufficient and improve themselves. When we have a new policy that we want to implement it, simply recognizing the implementation as a teaching-related challenge is a big step already. Then I try to use my teaching skills that I learned at LaGuardia and elsewhere to train employees, and even to help some employees learn how to train other employees.

Enjoying new business job

Hi Everybody.

I’ve been really enjoying my new job at Time Service in Toledo. I’m about to finish my third month here, and I expect I’ll be staying with this job for quite a while. I find that working in business gives me a variety of interesting problems to solve, and although they’re not deep and abstract in the same way as math research problems, they still require a lot of creative thinking and give me challenges to work on over time and puzzles to chew on as I drift off to sleep, in my morning shower, etc., just like math research did. The whole operation of helping to run a business feels like a big optimization problem — how do I figure out the best way to use all of our company’s resources to the greatest effect?

I hope all my friends in the New York Logic community are doing well. Please keep in touch!